Alternative nights out in Manchester

Memory making and social media-worthy fun with your mates doesn’t have to mean heading straight for a pub, club or restaurant. There are loads of laughter-packed alternative nights out Manchester-wide, like the new Urban Playground (more on this later).

This is not about Dry January or Sober October. There are tons of good reasons to organise your mates and try one of the growing range of activities in Manchester rather than hitting the local boozer.

Do you love having an ‘experience’ rather than the same-old-same-old when you go out? You are not alone. Research shows that 78% of 18–34-year-olds would rather spend their cash on attending events, trying a new sport, or doing activities and experiences in general, rather than buying ‘stuff’.

For one thing, a live experience on a night out is a way to make sure you all remember every bit of the craziness (without your pal’s TikTok or Snapchat video to remind you). Secondly, doing something physical is a great antidote to all the sitting around we’ve done during the pandemic.

This leads us to another great advantage of finding alternative nights out in Manchester. We all need something new and different – and dare we say healthy – to put dull days in our rear-view mirror. It’s about making outstanding memories you can talk about on your next outing too!

Best experiences in Manchester

Of course, not everyone wants to throw themselves down an indoor ski slope or crash around in an indoor sky diving experience on a night out. You could put on a jumpsuit and shoot paintballs, try your hand (and legs) at baseball, or run yourself ragged on a five-aside-footy pitch.

Manchester also has climbing walls and an axe-throwing arena (yes, really).

Too much? Don’t worry, that are more universal and less strenuous ways to go out-out without heading to the pub.

Year-round Manchester nights out with a difference

There are plenty of Manchester attractions that are available whenever you can pin your mates down to a date.

At the top of any list of alternative nights out in Manchester has to be Urban Playground at the centrally-located Arndale Centre, especially as you have a choice of activities.

For starters, who doesn’t love a round of mini-golf? However, where Urban Playground really beats other alternative activities is the fact it’s got THE CUBE Live in Manchester. You get to star in this popular gameshow just for the laughs!

After you do THE CUBE with your mates, you can head to the internationally acclaimed burger restaurant, THE BUTCHER. Oh, and yes, you can still enjoy a few drinks on your alternative night out in Manchester, as Urban Playground has bars!

The Butcher restaurant, the best burgers in Manchester, only at Urban Playground