How long does crazy golf take?

If you’re looking for something fun and a little different to do on a night out in Manchester with your friends or family, crazy golf is a great option. But what is crazy golf and how long does it take? Let’s take a look.

What is crazy golf?

Crazy golf is a type of mini-golf where the holes are found within the slopes, mounds and hills of the golf course. Unlike a normal game of golf, each Manchester crazy golf player has a turn to complete the entire hole before the next player is allowed to begin. In the final round, all of the players play at the same time, which can be chaotic and a lot of fun!

Crazy golf doesn’t take itself too seriously, making it a great activity for an evening out. Grab a drink, grab a club and get ready to have some fun!

How long does crazy golf take?

The amount of time it takes to complete a game of crazy golf depends on three factors: the size of your group, the number of holes and your ability. If you’re an experienced crazy golfer or have a natural talent for the sport, you’ll complete the course a lot faster than someone with less-than-perfect aim.

An 18-hole crazy golf course can take about 45 minutes to complete, but this can vary widely. If the crazy golf venue isn’t as busy as usual, take your time, but if there’s a queue of people waiting behind you to finish the course, try and finish it as quickly as possible. Crazy golf isn’t nearly as fun when you’re waiting around for too long.

Top tips to improve your crazy golf skills

Create a strategy

In a game of crazy golf, you will be faced with a series of obstacles to overcome to complete the course. It takes a lot of strategy and focus to overcome these obstacles to hit the ball into the hole, so give yourself a minute to devise a strategy before diving in.

Be gentle

Crazy golf is all about precision and aim, not power, so the best way to guide your ball in the right direction is to hit it gently. Be strategic with each shot you take, as your goal is to get the ball into the hole with the least number of shots.

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