Why Urban Playground should be your Christmas party destination

Whether you are in charge of planning your work’s Christmas do and are stuck for ideas or are looking for a fun option for your family’s Christmas get-together, have you considered Urban Playground? There are a variety of things to do that will suit whoever you are planning on celebrating with this winter. In this blog, we will reveal why Urban Playground should be your Christmas party destination.

So many things to do in Manchester

Urban Playground is home to both THE CUBE Live Experience and Putters, two group-friendly activities that will see everyone involved in friendly (or not?) competition. Battle against each other’s scores as you make your way around the vibrant putts and huge variety of THE CUBE games, exactly like the ones on TV. Their flexible format means there is plenty for everyone to do no matter the party size, so there is no waiting around. But, if you want to take it leisurely, you can, with bars and seating areas where you can watch everyone else have a go while you enjoy a drink. This is ideal for the whole family or for a work event where the ice won’t just be broken – it will be shattered into little pieces.

A memorable experience

Sure, you can opt for the classic meal out and secret Santa in the office, but how does this stand out from any other year? Going to Urban Playground gives you the chance to try something new that people will remember for years to come, rather than another lacklustre Christmas party. You may only see some of your guests once a year so it’s worth making the most of it with a unique experience like THE CUBE that you won’t find anywhere else.

Amazing food

There’s something for everyone with these fun activities, and with amazing food, you can’t go wrong. Catering for a Christmas party is one of the biggest stresses of the year, so take this responsibility away when you visit Urban Playground. It is home to THE BUTCHER, a famous franchise across Europe boasting some of the most delicious food that Manchester has to offer.

Their signature burgers are a must-try, made from the highest quality Aberdeen Angus beef, with an extensive menu offering a variety of toppings and sides to suit any tastebuds. No need to venture out somewhere else for a meal, adding inconvenience to the Christmas party – enjoy your meal in between taking on your friends at crazy golf and beating the high scores at THE CUBE.

Drinks for everyone

A Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without a celebratory atmosphere. Your night is sorted at Urban Playground with things to do, amazing food on offer and drinks all in one convenient location. There are bars situated throughout that offer a range of alcoholic drinks including a cocktail menu filled with all of the well-known classics as well as some unique concoctions. Plus, there is a range of beers, wines and spirits alongside plenty of soft drinks so there is something for everyone.

THE BUTCHER also has a range of delicious premium milkshakes for the tee-total members of the party (although you can order a boozy milkshake too!).

Perfect for private parties

If you have planning a big party with many guests and are looking for somewhere to private hire, Urban Playground provides unrivalled Manchester activities which are able to cater for this. You can choose to hire out THE CUBE or Putters, or both, so the experience is tailored completely to you. No matter the number of guests, Urban Playground can help make the Christmas party one to remember with a fully serviced bar to accompany your private hire. Find out more about this and book your private Christmas party by clicking here.

So whoever you will be spending your Christmas party with, Urban Playground has everything you will need to please everyone and more. Book your spot in advance to avoid disappointment.