Ready to experience your next big challenge?

Are you looking for something different for your next group get-together or big night out in Manchester? Do you have friends visiting and want to show them the best that Manchester has to offer? Are you looking for a challenge for yourself and your friends? If the answer to any of these is yes, then why not come on down to Urban Playground and discover an experience that ticks all these boxes and more?

If you’ve ever watched any challenge on TV and all agreed that you would be able to do it so much better, then get ready to prove yourself because here is your chance. Head down to Urban Playground, home to THE CUBE Live Experience in the heart of Manchester and take on the iconic gameshow challenge with your friends.

THE CUBE Live Experience

THE CUBE Live Experience follows the familiar format of the hit show and encourages us all to rise to the challenge. The fully immersive experience challenges you and your friends in a group of up to four to take on a series of tasks within the iconic Perspex box, featuring many of the original games from the TV series we all know and love. The games are designed to appear deceptively easy whilst continuing to keep you on your toes and ensure that you are pushing your mind and body as far as you can in order to win. The mixture of seven single and two-player games means that your team will have to keep their heads and work together in order to succeed. You and your team will quickly realise that whilst the game might seem straightforward and easy from the comfort of the sofa, the reality of being inside THE CUBE and at the heart of the action can be very different…

Get your night off to the best start

If this sounds like the ideal challenge for your next group night out in Manchester, then Urban Playground has everything you need and more. Once you’ve conquered THE CUBE Live Experience and you want to celebrate your victory like the champions you are, Urban Playground offers a selection of bars and restaurants, including THE BUTCHER restaurant and its famous burgers and milkshakes, to get your night off to the best start. Open until 10:30pm on Saturdays, Urban Playground is not just the home of THE CUBE Live Experience and Manchester’s best tech-infused crazy golf; it is the perfect start to your next big night out or venue for your next group get-together.

THE CUBE is waiting…

Do you have what it takes to beat the mighty CUBE? Are you ready to work as a team? Do you think your friendships can handle the pressure of facing THE CUBE? Call up your friends and issue the challenge for your next Manchester activity.