The Ultimate Guide to Making the Most of THE CUBE in Manchester

Based on the popular television game show, THE CUBE Live is a challenging, thrilling and entertaining interactive game that takes a lot of skill and planning to succeed. If you find yourself on a night out in Manchester battling it out in THE CUBE, then this ultimate guide will help you prepare for victory.

What is THE CUBE?

THE CUBE is an interactive game at Urban Playground that brings the hit television show to you. You’ll need a lot of nerve and commitment to overcome the challenging tasks put in front of you in THE CUBE if you want to win. If you’re already a fan of the show, some of these tasks might be familiar to you. So this is your chance to transition from a sofa expert to an active participant in this thrilling game.

The game will begin with an introduction from a host to outline the challenges and rules. You’ll play for around 90 minutes, which gives you plenty of time to eye up the competition, prepare yourself mentally and overcome the challenges thrown at you in THE CUBE.

How to master THE CUBE

There are a few different ways that you can get the most out of your time playing THE CUBE Live at Urban Playground. So take a look at some of our tips below to improve your experience when battling it out in this high-octane game:

Watch the show

You don’t have to know about THE CUBE television show, but a little bit of background knowledge about this game certainly doesn’t hurt. Many of the popular games and challenges from the show are also used in this live-action version, so if you watch a few of the shows beforehand, you’ll be more prepared for what’s to come.

Prepare for the challenges

Some of the challenges will involve excellent motor control and coordination, like ‘The Loop’. Others are time-based and will require a steady head to not crumble under the pressure. In any case, you’ll need to remain calm and ready to take action when it’s your turn if you want to stand a chance of winning. So prepare for the challenges by thinking about how you’ll tackle them, then sticking to your plan!

Focus on having fun

It’s important to remember that your time in THE CUBE is ultimately about having fun! This interactive game is designed to push your limits and put you under pressure, but it also gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and laugh about your failed attempts (or successes!) So take it easy, enjoy yourself and don’t let the pressure get to you in THE CUBE.

Stay hydrated

Some of the challenges you’ll face in THE CUBE are quite taxing, so you might catch yourself breaking a sweat. Try to stay hydrated by picking up a few drinks at the Manchester bar before and during your time at THE CUBE so that you can work at peak performance. You may even wish to make a bet with your competitors that the loser has to pay for the first round of drinks. This ensures you all stay hydrated while encouraging friendly competition.