How to Crank Up The Competition on Your Mini Golf Night

Mini golf is a fantastic Manchester activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life. While it is usually played for leisure, you can add some competition to make your next round of mini golf at Urban Playground more exciting. Here are some tips on how to crank up the competition on your mini golf night:

Set the Rules

To add an extra layer of competition to your mini golf game, you need to set some rules. These rules can be as simple or as complex as you like, but they should be clear and agreed upon by all players before the game begins. For example, you can decide to play a certain number of holes or set a time limit for each player to complete a hole. You can also add penalties for certain mistakes, such as hitting the ball out of bounds. Whatever rules you choose, make sure everyone knows them and agrees to them beforehand.

Divide into Teams

If you have a large group of players, dividing into teams can be a great way to encourage rivalry in your mini golf game. You can either assign teams randomly or let players choose their own teams. This can add a new level of excitement as players work together to beat the other teams. It can also help balance out the skill level of each team, making the game fairer.

Create a Scorecard

A scorecard is a great way to keep track of each player’s score throughout the game. You can create a simple scorecard using a piece of paper and a pen to keep a tally. A scorecard allows players to see how they are doing in comparison to their opponents and can also add some friendly competition between players.

Add Challenges

Adding challenges to your mini golf game can make it more exciting and competitive. For example, you can add a rule that players must hit the ball with their non-dominant hand, or play a hole blindfolded. These challenges can add an element of surprise to the game and test each player’s skills. You can also create challenges based on the course itself, such as hitting the ball through a certain obstacle or making a shot from an unusual angle.

Give Prizes

Giving prizes to the winners can add some friendly competition to your mini golf game. You can choose to give out prizes for the lowest score, the highest score, or even for the most creative shot. Prizes can be as simple as a free drink or as elaborate as a trophy. Whatever prize you choose, it can add a sense of accomplishment and make the game more exciting.

Keep it Fun

While competition can add excitement to your mini golf game, it is important to remember that the most important thing is to have fun. Don’t let the competition get too intense or cause any arguments. Keep it friendly and light-hearted, and remember that the goal is to have a good time with your friends or family.


Manchester Mini golf is a fun activity that can be made even more exciting with a little competition. By setting rules, dividing into teams, creating a scorecard, adding challenges, and giving prizes, you can make your mini golf night more competitive and entertaining. However, it is important to keep it fun and friendly, and not let the competition get in the way of enjoying the game with your loved ones. So, next time you head to the mini golf course, try these tips to crank up the competition and have a great time.