The best cocktails for girls’ night

Sure, a night out with your partner can be romantic, but sometimes, you want to get the girl squad together and treat yourselves to a night around town.

Urban Playground in the Manchester Arndale is a brand-new entertainment haven with plenty of things to try: from Manchester mini-golf and a live game of THE CUBE (yes, the one from the TV show!) to a burger restaurant and bars where you can try some delicious cocktails (including the ones below!).

So why not take some time out of your busy schedule and plan that catch-up you’ve been talking about for ages?

And what better way to start a girls’ night than with cocktails? From fruity and colourful to elegant and refreshing, be sure to give these a try:

La Vie en Rose – Slightly French

Emily in Paris doesn’t know what she’s missing! This refreshing blend of fruit and vodka will certainly get you in the party mood. The Slightly French combines the punchiness of vodka with the sweetness of lychee, blackberry, apple, a dash of lemon and sugar syrup.

‘Sex and the City’ (with a twist) – Kiwi Cosmo

Next up on our list is the twist on the ‘Sex and the City’ classic: the Cosmopolitan. This one has tangy kiwi and lychee but includes the original Cosmo flavours of vodka, lime, and cranberry juice. Remember when Carrie asked for a “cheeseburger, large fries, and a Cosmopolitan”? At Urban Playground, you can try the brand-new restaurant THE BUTCHER and pair your Kiwi Cosmo with a delicious burger and fries!

Classy A.F. – The Negroni

Invented in Italy more than 100 years ago, legend has it that the Negroni is a variation of another classic drink, the Americano, made with lemon peel instead of orange. The Negroni has been a beloved choice for decades and is perfect for those who enjoy the bitterness of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari.

More innocent than it sounds – The Pornstar Martini

The UK-born cocktail is like summer in a glass: fresh passionfruit is mixed with vanilla vodka, Passoã (passionfruit liqueur), sugar syrup, fresh lemon juice and a shot of prosecco. Don’t let the cheeky name deceive you though – it’s more innocent than it sounds! The passionfruit just makes it… irresistible.

Feeling bold – Flaming Passion

Rum, passion fruit, lime and pineapple are combined for a tropical eruption of flavours. This is an Urban Playground original, but it’s already sure to become a classic.

Are you tempted?

Join in the fun at Urban Playground and start your girls’ night out in Manchester the right way.