Your recipe for the perfect night out

It’s hard to create a night out that will keep all your mates happy. There are going to be people who don’t want to drink, people who want to join in late and people who want to leave early. When it comes to things to do in Manchester, Urban Playground is a great bet as a night out that all your pals can enjoy. Here are the top reasons why…


People are lazy, and if travelling to a venue is complicated, there will be a few who bail on the night in favour of a quiet night in. Urban Playground is based in The Arndale Centre in Manchester, making it a public transport dream. The Manchester attraction is accessible via train, bus and tram giving your pals no excuse to miss out. Both Northern and Cross Country train lines pass close by, as well as the pink and blue tram routes. And of course, there’s a full multi-story car park for any drivers, and a taxi rank to ensure everyone gets home safely after your night out.

Mini golf

Putters at Urban Playground is an unforgettable Manchester crazy golf experience. The Playground’s unique technology creates an impressive golfing experience that your whole group can enjoy. Players can split into groups of 6 to tackle 3 different courses – each one with hidden surprises to keep you on your toes. Feeling competitive? You and your mates can take each other on with live scoreboards showing who’s coming up top and who’s dragging behind. If some of your mates aren’t keen, don’t worry – there’s a bar for others to sit back with a drink and watch the competition unfold.


Food is a crucial make or break factor for many people. It’s hard finding somewhere that everyone will find a dish they like with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free diets being a common trend. Fear not, THE BUTCHER is a franchise, popular in locations across Europe and one of the best places to eat in Manchester. Urban Playground has it’s own THE BUTCHER location serving up a range of delicious burgers and sides to suit even the fussiest of appetites – and you can even accompany your burger feast with a delicious milkshake (booze optional).

THE CUBE Live Experience

You probably would have seen or heard of THE CUBE on TV and now is the chance for you and your mates to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Feel the pressure in the iconic perspex box as you and your pals choose from a range of games to face. It might look easy when watching it from the comfort of your sofa, but when you’re placed in the centre of the action, it becomes a whole different ball game…

The bars

Manchester bars are renowned for being vibrant and entertaining, and the bar at Urban Playground is no different. Serving up a range of cocktails, beers, ciders, wines liquors and spirits, you’ll be certain to find something for everyone. There is also a wide selection of soft drinks for those driving or looking to have a more sensible night out on the town.

The people

Of course, the people you’re with on your night out is key. At Urban Playground, you can be assured that we want you to have a good time and you’ll see that our friendly staff are there to make sure that happens every step of the way. With the ability to team up into groups of up to 6 for the mini-golf, and up to 4 people for THE CUBE Live Experience, you can make teams and ensure that all your mates are able to get involved in the fun – whatever their ability.

There are bars for the drinkers, burgers for the eaters, golf for the putters and THE CUBE Live for the puzzle solvers. Here are Urban Playground, there’s something for everyone and we look forward to welcoming you and your mates to a fantastic and unforgettable night out. Book HERE!