The best crazy golf in Manchester

Who doesn’t love mini-golf? It’s a fun day out with your friends and a chance to try your hand at some surprisingly tricky tests of skill, precision and tactics. And now there’s a fresh addition to the Manchester mini-golf scene with Putters at Urban Playground, the all-new attraction at the Arndale Centre.

What makes Putters so special?

Putters isn’t just mini-golf; it’s an entire experience that’ll keep you and your friends absorbed and entertained right in the heart of Manchester. Where some mini-golf courses offer the same old tired formula of a handful of holes with some uninspired decoration strewn around, here there are three entirely different themed challenges, each with nine holes. This means that – if you want – you can spend hours exploring the different challenges.

Like all the best Manchester attractions, Putters is an experience for all the senses. It’s colourful, eccentric, full of flashing lights and state-of-the-art electronics – this definitely isn’t your childhood crazy golf course! High-end LCD displays will give up-to-date details of who’s in the lead, while there are plenty of sound effects and dramatic lighting for each hole.

Why choose Putters over other crazy golf courses in Manchester?

Of course, crazy golf is above all a social event. At Putters, you can compete in groups of up to six while a lot of other mini-golf venues in Manchester only allow smaller groups, meaning plenty of opportunities to challenge one another and laugh at how bad your friends are. It’s nothing personal – if you’ve never played mini-golf before, you’re going to have plenty of mishaps before you start getting good!

Speaking of the social aspect of crazy golf, there’s nothing better than a few – or more than a few – drinks to make the evening even more entertaining. At Putters, you can choose from a specially curated range of beverages, from wine and beer to classy spirits, as well as soft drinks for any non-drinkers amongst your party. And while at other venues drinks are left at the bar, Putters lets you bring them with you while you golf, which is the best way to liven up your mini-golf experience!

Feeling peckish?

There’s no shortage of places to eat in Manchester, but we think Urban Playground might have one of the best. At THE BUTCHER, our top chefs use the finest cuts of beef to prepare some of the best burgers in the city. Ingredients range from the classic (beef, lettuce, bacon) to some pretty unusual flavours such as Lebanese baba ghanoush or exotic sriracha mayonnaise – and the prices are extremely reasonable too, even with a portion of our famous fries added in!

Visit Urban Playground today

Crazy golf is more than just an activity – it’s an event in itself, and it’s about time that central Manchester got a venue like Urban Playground where urbanites can enjoy themselves in unique surroundings. Located right in the heart of town, it’s easy to visit whether you’re based in Manchester or coming into town from further afield. Embedded right in the middle of Manchester’s nightlife district, it’s a great way to begin or end your night, and with Urban Playground closing at 10 pm on Fridays and 10:30 pm on Saturdays, there’s always time for some golf-related revelry. Note that Putters itself closes at 8:30 pm on Fridays and 9 pm on Saturdays – but that still leaves plenty of time to drop into our bar or THE BUTCHER for a bite to eat and a few more drinks!

Social media has been raving about Urban Playground, and it’s been discussed on major local websites like The Manc and Place North West. People love not only the fun factor but the great value for money and the uniqueness of it all. Putters is a new crazy golf attraction in the area that is already proving to be a hit.

So for a night to remember, come along to the Arndale Centre this summer and enjoy a round of golf like no other