4 reasons why Urban Playground is great for all ages

As the autumn season approaches, it’s important to still make time for fun activities that you and the family can enjoy together. At Urban Playground there are games and activities suitable for all ages, making it the perfect night out in Manchester for you and the children. Here are some of the amazing things that this attraction has to offer.

The CUBE Live

THE CUBE is a great TV show to sit down and enjoy with the family, with an exciting range of challenges and tasks that you catch yourself wondering if you could complete yourself.

Well, here at Urban Playground we let you put this to the test by trying our very own THE CUBE live experience featuring many of your favourite games from the original TV series.

You can play with up to 4 people making it a fun and exciting experience that is suitable for all ages so that you can bring the whole family!

Try out the range of simple tasks and compete with one another to see who can make it the furthest!

Mini Golf

One of the very best Manchester activities to enjoy with your family is mini golf as it is easy, light-hearted, and suitable for everyone to get involved.

Playing a game like crazy golf gives you and your family the chance to spend quality time together and create shared memories with your children doing something fun!

The city of Manchester is home to some of the best crazy golf experiences in the world making Putters an extremely popular site for all families with a group of up to 6.

Even younger children can enjoy the challenge of crazy golf by controlling their shots, making sure they hit all the targets and trying to beat their own score.

As for older children, it’s great to get them to do something active that isn’t too intense and is also a lot of fun.

There are 3 exciting holes to choose from, each sporting a different theme to allow you to pick your favourite.

Compete with each other and keep track of your scores using the live scoreboards that have on-screen animations and audio to bring every hole to life.

Delicious food

After enjoying all of the exciting activities that Urban Playground has to offer, you won’t have to look far to find some delicious food to satisfy your little ones’ stomachs.

THE BUTCHER is Urban Playground’s in-house restaurant offering a selection of quality meat to create the perfect burger to enjoy after your day of fun.

It has been named one of the best places to eat in Manchester with a range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes to fit all of your family’s dietary needs.

Unique drinks

Playing at Manchester’s Urban Playground can often leave you ready to relax and refresh with a nice drink.

If the kids want to carry on and give crazy golf or THE CUBE another try, there is a great bar perfect for parents to take a break and enjoy a series of refreshments.

Whether it’s beer, wine, spirits or a cocktail you fancy, there is something for everyone, as well as soft drinks once the children are done exploring and want to join you!

Friendly staff

At Urban Playground, you and your children can feel safe and respected by our friendly staff who are there to make sure that everybody has a good time.

We also offer quality service in both our bar and restaurant ensuring that there is not only something for all ages, but that you will not be disappointed by the standard of food and drink.

Here at Urban Playground, there is something for everyone so we look forward to welcoming you and your family to your fun day out in Manchester. Book today!